Loaded prawn crackers

Life is ticking along. Pursuing a balanced meaningful existence isn’t as straightforward as it should be. With two boys running round it’s easier now the weather hints at reason. But I’m a big city suburb boy – instincts to mindfully enjoy simple pleasures are constantly challenged. Apparently I’m too busy sitting in traffic, chasing a bigger mortgage or watching YouTube.


Trapped in daily routine. Skimming over hours, days, weeks. Grasping at order as a weapon against weariness. Dreaming about my rickety seafood shack… in the next life.


Correct perspective. Correct perspective. Correct perspective – that should be my mantra. The irony of living on an island and feeling totally landlocked. I have to get my seafood kicks via supermarket convenience.


So here I’ve gone for shrimp snack pimpage. Loaded up with pre-cooked, vacuum sealed, spicy, slightly fishy, fairly easy ideas.


Prawn crackers with baby rice shellfish stock congee, brown shrimp and spam balls, chilli oil, pickled chives.

Prawn crackers with thai red curry sauce, garlic butter poached prawn, lime and coconut chantilly cream, basil oil.