Rotisserie chicken bahn mi salad

The bahn mi is no ordinary sandwich. No, this ain’t no Tesco┬ámeal deal tuna mayo bullshit. It’s the perfectest balance of creamy┬árich Western and┬áSouth East Asian sharp spiciness. It’s a truly awesome thing.

As is rotisserie chicken. Is there anything more enjoyable than pulling apart a warm roasted chicken? Well yes clearly there is, but you know what I mean.


I think all home ovens should have a rotisserie setting. Some sort of continuous meat turning self-basting whilst roasting type action that leaves your chicken juicy and seriously caramelised.

This dish is all about balance: Moist hearty chicken. Sweet, sharp pickled veg. Rich, offaly liver sauce. Fragrant mayo. Hot chilli. Salty, tangy, fish sauce jelly and a few crispy bits.


Ingredients: rotisserie chicken, cucumber, carrot, vinegar, chicken liver parfait, chicken stock, flour, butter, coriander, mayonnaise, fish sauce, sugar, gelatin, rice crackers, baguette, chilli