Banana custard tarts

A few years ago on a roam around Lisbon we pitstopped at a bakery called Pasteis de Belem. It was quiet that day, hardly anyone out and about… because actually everyone alive was somehow in this bakery. Every square inch of the place was rammed with human life, clambering and jostling in what could only very loosely be called a queue. All after the same small baked item – their legendary pastel de nata. Portuguese custard tarts – perfect little sweet treats.


A few weeks back I discovered that my local co-op now stocks them in their fresh bread and pastries section. I bought one and ate it. I bought another and ate that too.


There is no way my baking skills are up to task of replicating that perfectly crispy puffy pastry cup and the sweet rich custard filling inside. Obviously I had to cheat… so this is bananas and custard – easy comfort with a bright yellow school dinner custard vibe.


On a muffin tray I blind-baked layers of filo painted with butter and dusted with sugar and nutmeg.


I spooned in crushed banana chips before pouring in custard heated through with gelatin. I topped with a slice of fresh banana before sprinkling over sugar and bruleeing.


I allowed to set in the fridge before consuming about five in quick succession.


Ingredients: custard, bananas, filo pastry, banana chips, sugar, nutmeg, butter, gelatin