Lamb shank tostados with black bean rice, little gem kimchi, pico de gallo verde, feta cheese, sour cream


Korean and Mexican food share an affinity apparently. They must do because I’ve never been anywhere near Mexico, never eaten a freshly flattened corn tortilla, never tried Mexican cheese, hardly been to any proper Mexican restaurants. Wahaca maybe. Chiquitos and Taco Bell maybe not. But somehow I can’t get enough of Mexican food. I dig it. I get it. I crave it.


Both Korean and Mexican food are vibrant and comforting, bold and humble. Soju or Tequila? Jjigae and chilaquiles, bibimbap and tacos – there’s a balancing of textures and unfancy flavours going on. And there’s chilli lurking round every corner. Because the existence of chillies makes the world a better place. Even the double irony of eating something deliberately because of the addictive pain caused by its capsaicin defence strategy, which in turn has guaranteed its future cultivation, is enjoyable.


So I bought these pre-sous vided lamb shanks which can be quickly microwaved. Cooked some rice with black beans. Made overnight lettuce kimchi. Mixed up an avocado, mint, coriander, onion, green chilli, salt and lime pico de gallo. Fried some tortillas. And topped it all with feta and sour cream.

There was too much food to fit on one plate. Leftovers made a nice burrito though.


– lamb, rice, beans, feta, sour cream, tortillas, oil
– lettuce, salt, garlic, ginger, onion, carrot, apple, chilli powder, fish sauce, sugar
– avocado, mint, coriander, onion, green chilli, lime, salt