Sweetcorn and coriander microwave cornbread with smoked chilli and dark chocolate sauce, guacamole, jalapeƱo cheese tuile, tortilla chips and sour cream

I was trying to get my head round the whole mole sauce thing. I like the idea of fruity smoky slightly hot chilli with rich bitter sweet chocolate, but let’s get real – who’s got time to gather the other three billion ingredients let alone actually cook up a proper version?

So obviously mine doesn’t have the rich complexity of a proper blood, sweat and tears mole poblano, but the essence is there.. and it takes about ten minutes.


To make my phoney mole I blitzed smoked dried chillies with hot water, ground almonds, melted dark chocolate and a squeeze of lime. The cornbread was creamed butter and sugar mixed with egg, cornmeal, salt, sweetcorn and chopped coriander. Melted cheese left to go crispy with pickled jalapeƱos added crunch along with tortilla chips, before a fresh and slightly chunky guacamole was slopped on along with sour cream.

Ingredients: sweetcorn, coriander, cornmeal, butter, eggs, sugar, olive oil, smoked chilli, dark chocolate, ground almonds, salt, jalapeƱos, cheese, avocado, lime, tortilla chips, sour cream.