Confit salmon, broad beans, yuzu and horseradish buerre blanc, nori

I’m a man on a mission. There’s a ridiculously busy week ahead and I’m not even at work. My head is actually hurting from wrestling with the age old conflict of stuff I have to get done vs┬áwillingness and concentration to actually pull my finger out.


So proper nice food has to happen. Food to keep me going. Food to feed my brain and require just enough careful preparation to act as a welcome distraction, without being too much of a faff.


Something like say fresh salmon, just cooked in melted butter – rich and wobbly, with al dente broad beans, a Japanese-y buerre blanc sauce with acidity from yuzu and gentle wasabi-like heat from horseradish, all scooped up in hand-sized cones of nori.


Ingredients: salmon, butter, broad beans, sugar, horseradish, shallots, yuzu, nori