Falafel tikka masala, mushroom rice, garlic pitta chips, chilli gremolata

This year I resolve to eat less bad meat. A big slag heap of unnecessary animal protein has passed my lips and I feel like it’ll sit there in my gut and on my conscious and come back to haunt me if I don’t act.

That doesn’t mean no more nice steak or a fishfinger sarnie every now and then. But I must try to cut out pointless chicken and Aldi meatballs. I’ll load up on stuff like tofu, greens, mushrooms and falafels. Well let’s see how long it lasts..


Falafels are like the veggie version of sausage rolls – potentially a good thing to eat, nowĀ more synonymous with depressing filler food wrapped in cold plastic.


I bought some decent ones and heated them up in this British Indian Middle Eastern Italian kind of curry. The idea being that the creamy masala sauce is similar to houmous in texture. Also there must be the double carb comfort combo of bread and rice. And the whole thing is lifted with a fragrant, spicy gremolata of chopped chilli, parsley, garlic and lemon zest.


Ingredients: falafels, tikka masala sauce, pitta, garlic, butter
chilli, garlic, lemon, parsley