Cherry and chocolate millefeuille

When I was boy I was a bit of a homebody. I could watch hours of cricket or Everyday Cooking with Jacques Pepin slouched in the lounge. Hardcore couch occupying interspersed by snack trips to the fridge. My close friends will have no problem believing this.


Now, as a teacher, the long summer of freed up time feels like a surreal parallel universe. Just a couple of weeks ago I struggled to find time to pee. Now what do I do? Ok there’s the fetching of kids and all that, and a chore or two. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining. No way. It’s just such a seismic shift. The luxury of having the time and energy to set up a new spotify playlist, play with my children, reimagine Oscar winners for the past few decades (yes Goodfellas wins! Yesyesyes!!), change a lightbulb, ponder the prospect of an afterlifeless eternal non-existence, think of nice things to eat and, the daddy of all great leisure activities, nap.


These past few days I’ve mainly been preoccupied by how to make a millefeuile with lush fat cherries and chocolate. I tried to balance fresh cherries with the candied sweetness of glacé cherries, buttery crisp pastry, rich chocolate and vanilla cream with a kind of cherry sauce of jam sharpened with loads of lemon juice. Août – Je t’aime!


Ingredients: cherries, glacé cherries, puff pastry, chocolate ganache, vanilla cream, cherry jam, lemon juice, icing sugar