Salted toffee apple with black pudding and cinnamon custard

I’ve just been on holiday with my son. A short escape from the agonising limbo between summer and Christmas. I have seen new places, slept on crisp hotel sheets and breathed in fresh foreign air. I feel reinvigorated with alpine well-being.


Our trips away have taken on a familiar groove. He loves trains. We hang out at stations and he marvels at the mechanical wonders that whir and screech through them. I gaze at the architecture. He inspects the departures board. I rate the traveller convenience. He assesses the snack opportunities. Sometimes we even board a train. And then we look out the window.

Journeys from major city stations seem samey at first. Grubby asphalt and concrete as we accelerated past graffitied flyovers and rusty freight trains, zigzagging roofs and high-rise blocks, slowly blurring out to suburbs, greenery and, if you happen to be in Switzerland, lush hills,┬ámountains, lakes – stunning natural glacial design.


Now that I’m back in slightly less scenic surroundings, I need food to shield me from the pre-festive gloom that is November. A warm pudding of apple semi-cooked in toffee sauce, spiked with salt, made rich with cinnamon custard and finished with an earthy seasoning of black pudding. Autumnal, sweet, savoury and comforting.


Ingredients: apple, sugar, butter, salt, black pudding, custard, cinnamon