Handchopped ribeye cheeseburger with gherkin bearnaise

My little boy is now two years old and there’s nothing like the reaching of a nice round number to set off a bit of reflection. I’ve been watching him closely this whole time and somehow he’s turned into a podgy toddler without me noticing. One day he’ll assume the default human boy settings of cocky and grumpy. Till then he’s still my baby boy. Babbling away at me. Genuinely concerned when Capt Barnacles deems marine ecosystems to be under threat and sounds the Octoalert. Most happy when snuggled up to his mummy. Running and peering over the upstairs stairgate shouting Daddee Daddeee when I arrive home from work on the cusp of bedtime. I’m ashamed to say I often wish the time away when I’m with him.


So there’s a lot going on right now. At home, at work, in the small group of humans I know and love, in the tiny world we live in. All the more reason to stay in the moment. Be mindful. Appreciate how fortunate I am.Ā Enjoy the everyday little things. Like taking the time to chop my own burger patty…

Why? Because the handchopped texture along with really good beef sets it apart from everyday mince, yet it still bites like a burger.


Burgers are everywhere, but a truly good one is like a pothole free road or a punctual train – not easy to find. Just for the record here are my other key burger success criteria, not that I’ve been thinking about this for half my life or anything…

The bread must be soft and stretchy. Brioche – not necessary. Ciabatta – no. Crusty artisan sourdough – no no no!
Big lumps of lettuce or tomato just get in the way.
Leaner is meaner. The beef must be fairly fatty to retain juiciness. Ribeye with that central eye of incredibly delicious cowfat is perfect.
Gherkins have to be there for bite and acidity.
Warm crappy individually wrapped cheese binds the whole thing together.


Ingredients: beef, cheese, bread, bearnaise, gherkins, salt.