Preserved lemon sponge, ras el hanout custard, frozen yoghurt, dried apricot, pistachios, olives

I was watching Horizon on iPlayer the other day and as far as I can work out universes are like soufflés. (Yes, universes plural apparently.) They expand rapidly and then are prone to collapse.


This is actually good to know. Whenever life throws stress and badness my way, there’s comfort to be had from knowing the problems of 7.6 billion little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy multiverse.


Once that sinks in, my regular causes of arseache – traffic jams, younger son’s persistent chest ailments, social media anxiety, the state of hospitals, schools, roads, trains in this country, household chores and Donald Trump – start to pale into minute insignificance. There are literally a near infinite number of near me’s out there having better, worse, just as good, just as bad days.


Anyway the soufflé analogy came from wanting to make one flavoured with preserved lemons. I imagined pouring a warm Moroccan tagine sauce into its fluffly interior. I played with it for a while, but eventually had to concede that soufflés are scary.


So I went for a preserved lemon sponge that’s easily cooked in the microwave with a spicy, sweet ras el hanout custard. For me warm sponge needs hot custard AND cold ice cream. Slightly less sweet frozen yoghurt did the job, with a crunchy sticky seasoning of pistachios, dried apricots and olives.


Alternative me is sat proudly eating a perfect soufflé in their own soufflé universe right now.


– preserved lemons, self raising flour, butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla
– custard, ras el hanout, olive oil
– frozen yoghurt, pistachios, dried apricots, olives