Cheese and biscuits

Christmas is about many things. Such as eating so much cheese you risk causing yourself an artery related disease. Every time I nearly order cheese and biscuits at a restaurant, I change my mind. I about churn, because when eating out I either want no dessert or a proper pudding.

So this is a properly cheesy pudding. Something crumbly, something soft, something blue. Salty cheddar, rich brie, funky gorgonzola, cut with sweet and sharp and padded out with a bit of texture.

2017-12-02 15.45.46

Cheddar with pear, oatcake, pale ale and branston pickle sauce. Brie with grape chutney and ritz cracker crumbs. Gorgonzola and cookie dough ice cream with walnuts and red wine syrup.

2017-12-02 15.46.46

– cheddar, pear, oatcakes, pale ale, sugar, branston pickle
– brie, grapes, sugar, salt, vinegar, ritz crackers
– gorgonzola, cookie dough ice cream, walnuts, red wine, sugar