Coffee and walnut cake, espresso and dark chocolate sauce, tobacco cream

Luckily I seem to have pretty much given up smoking. An outcome which saves me roughly a million pounds a year. Many years ago I was up to twenty a day which makes me retch to recall now, but the smell of tobacco, all peaty and leathery, is still enticing every now and then.


Not long ago I was strolling up Edgware Road on a shawarma mission. It was wet and cold and as I stood there under a dripping awning stuffing my face with a yummy hot salty lamb wrap, I noticed others too were undeterred from being outside. They chatted, huddled groups puffing on tall shishas, great wafts of smoke dispersing into the noisy street.


This is a dessert with a coffee and cigarettes vibe. I infused cream with rolling tobacco before whipping with icing sugar and serving with coffee cake and a sauce of dark chocolate melted into espresso. I’m not sure Mrs K would approve.

Ingredients: coffee cake, espresso, dark chocolate, tobacco, double cream, icing sugar.