Fishfinger tacos with jalapeno and coriander tartare sauce, avocado, lettuce and ketchup


I have this clichéd bucket list midlife semi-crisis dream where I cruise into California in an open-topped Cadillac (ok who am I kidding? Make that air-conditioned SUV) listening to The Eagles and Joni Mitchell. I’d stay in grubby motels (yeah right – Holiday Inns all the way), park up by some beach and spend the day hey manning some surfer dudes (don’t be silly – far too shy to talk to anyone I don’t know), and eating fish tacos bursting with freshly fried Pacific fish, dollops of Mexican crema and crunchy shredded cabbage in a handmade soft corn taco. The slightly sharp crema cutting through the rich crispy fish like the cool sea-breeze against the hot sun.


This type of thing is a recurring daydream. Sometimes I drift off so successfully I can barely hear my conscious mind screaming get through the week, just get through the week!


Unfortunately hardly any of those enticing, fresh ingredients are available by me, so here’s my Hertfordshire Dreamin’ version using that awesome staple of any family freezer – the mighty fishfinger. The perfect product for people who like fish but are adverse to things fishy. What would we do without them? My son would have to find a new main element for at least one fifth of his meals for a start.


This is like taco meets butty using rolled out white sliced instead of actual taco. It’s important not to try and plonk in everything edible that ever came out of Mexico. Keep it simple. Textures are key – soft ‘taco’; crispy hot fish; soft, rich, sharp tartare sauce made fragrant with coriander and spiked with pickled jalapenos, lime and fish sauce; crunchy lettuce and finally a decent squidge of ketchup.


Ingredients: fishfingers, bread, mayonniase, pickled jalapenos, coriander, capers, gherkins, fish sauce, lime, ketchup, avocado, lettuce




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