Roasted pineapple with coconut sponge, malibu custard and burnt pineapple puree

How do you deal with the relentless depressing coldness? No, not just the incessantly damp, freezing foggy weather. Those frosty, intolerant rantings from across the pond are way worse. It really wasn’t some bad dream, or audacious wind-up, or ridiculously over the top political satire. No, Trump is actually actually POTUS!

He’s a very busy man. There’s no way someone in his position has time between tweeting and signing executive orders to do stuff like write their own inauguration speech. I mean that thing was clearly downloaded from


And he shouldn’t need to worry about his political rivals anymore. Apparently Russian hackers have his back. It’s common knowledge that Putin’s crack team of IT geeks can pretty much achieve anything. If only they could put their minds to solving the world’s big problems – child poverty would be history, world peace would be a doddle, water would flow like wine…


When I was growing up America were the good guys. Well that’s what we believed – the actual big and powerful good guys. Who could argue with western democracy? The sheer damn affluent fairness of it all. Then they became the guys insisting they were still the good guys. In recent times, I don’t know, they became the think they’re so great they ended too far up their own arses and no one better mess or we’ll kick your butts guys.

Who knows what the next few years will bring. Right now every day there’s an outrageous headline you have to read over and over just to check it’s actually really happening.


Best not to think about it too much I guess, order that nuclear bunker on Amazon Prime and hope for the best.


Comfort eat. That’s the real answer. Using ingredients that remind us of sunnier, happier times. Pineapple, coconut, rum. Yum.

So I roasted pineapple in sugar and butter, and served with coconut sponge, custard infused with Malibu, coconut shavings and a puree of over-roasted pineapple and burnt butter. Warm, sticky, sweet, fresh, tangy, boozy, caramel-ly and seriously soothing.


Ingredients: pineapple, sugar, butter, custard, rum, coconut sponge


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