Venison with deer in blankets, brussel sprout sauerkraut, roast chestnuts, parsnip mash and mulled wine gravy

My oh my what a year it’s been. 2016 you really have been a bit awkward haven’t you? You could have slipped by smoothly and quietly, come and gone largely unnoticed like 2011 or Will Young, but no…you had to give it some didn’t you? And because of you 2017 is a big chasm of uncertainty and edginess. If nothing bad actually happens there’s still the inevitably that Trump and Brexit will continue to dominate the news. Thanks a lot!


Anyway let’s talk about food. It’s a brave person that strays from turkey at Christmas. Every year I toy with the idea. But then bid a hasty retreat. At the end of the day a once a year turkey roast hits the spot (twice, thrice probably in the end). We may think we want goose, beef, something else, but trust me we don’t. Conforming to tradition is a good thing sometimes. And if you overcook the thing, then no one cares – a bland, dry bird is what everyone was expecting.


So the only solution is to eat a number of alternative festive meals in the lead up. And who can resist a bit of Bambi at Xmas? A lovely bit of juicy pink gamey venison with venison sausages wrapped in bacon, pickled brussel sprouts for sharpness, sweet chestnuts, soothing parsnip puree and a rich slightly spicy mulled wine sauce. Merry Christmas. Peace on Earth and all that.

Ingredients: venison, venison sausages, bacon, brussel sprouts, salt, sugar, vinegar, chestnuts, butter, parsnips, milk, mulled wine, gravy.




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