Lamb cutlet vindaloo, saag dauphinoise, chilli ginger ghee and mint frozen yoghurt

I love chilli. Who doesn’t love chilli? Who is crazy and ridiculous enough to dislike chilli? My wife actually. It’s not her fault. If you’re a spicy food lightweight to the extent that black pepper gives you the sweats, then let’s face it you’ve got no chance.

I’m totally the opposite. I crave capsicum kicks. Not necessarily the proper nasty temporarily wish to top myself so it can be all over type stuff. But whenever I see recipes that involve deseeding chillies, I get perturbed. I’ve been brought up to feel this way. It’s Dad’s fault, in his utter koreanness he used to snaffle raw ones like they were haribos.


It was hairy for a while. I developed a skin condition called rosacea which basically makes my face look like the inside of a pomegranate whenever I go near alcohol or spicy food. As these are two of my favourite things, I can only think this was God’s pettiness for not believing in Him. For months I would eat hot food knowing with depressing certainty that shortly afterwards and for several days my face would resemble a baboon’s arse.


But sometimes you have to stick two fingers up at fate/inherited medical conditions, be grateful for cover up make-up and just get on with it.


So here’s my weekend curry treat to myself: hot and vinegary vindaloo sauce with lamb, balanced with creamy currypowdered spinach and potatoes, puddles of flavoured ghee (in a nod to gloriously greasy takeaway curries), and fresh slightly sweet mint frozen yoghurt.


Lamb dauphinoise turned up to 11.

Ingredients: lamb, vindaloo sauce, potatoes, spinach, cream, milk, curry powder, garlic, ghee, chilli, ginger, mint, frozen yoghurt



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