Rotisserie chicken bahn mi salad

The bahn mi is no ordinary sandwich. No, this ain’t no Tesco meal deal tuna mayo bullshit. It’s the perfectest balance of creamy rich Western and South East Asian sharp spiciness. It’s a truly awesome thing.

As is rotisserie chicken. Is there anything more enjoyable than pulling apart a warm roasted chicken? Well yes clearly there is, but you know what I mean.


I think all home ovens should have a rotisserie setting. Some sort of continuous meat turning self-basting whilst roasting type action that leaves your chicken juicy and seriously caramelised.

This dish is all about balance: Moist hearty chicken. Sweet, sharp pickled veg. Rich, offaly liver sauce. Fragrant mayo. Hot chilli. Salty, tangy, fish sauce jelly and a few crispy bits.


Ingredients: rotisserie chicken, cucumber, carrot, vinegar, chicken liver parfait, chicken stock, flour, butter, coriander, mayonnaise, fish sauce, sugar, gelatin, rice crackers, baguette, chilli 




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