Chilli crab poppadoms

We’re on the verge of a house move. What should be an exciting time is actually an endless saga of stress and waiting and organising and waiting and stress punctuated by people trying to take large sums of money off you.

So sadly buying a house is to be filed under ‘life can be a pain’, alongside stuff like going to the airport and phoning Sky TV.


But the end is in sight and I stand to get a bigger kitchen out of it. Now that is exciting. My current kitchen is the size of most people’s shoe storage. No longer will baby milks get in the way of my veg prep. No more root vegetables in my pan draw. No more gadgets stashed in an unreachable corner of the understairs cupboard..  no, far better they remain unused within easier reach.


Anyway I was recalling dishes that epitomise happy summer times to stave off end-of-August blues. Flavours tied into moments when you’re young, tipsy and pretty much immortal. When you’re only worry is whether you can afford a next drink, rather than something silly like a house. When you’re totally lost in the moment but at the same time aware of how much fun you’re having. That balmly evening sitting on the steps of the Sacre Coeur, the whole of dusky Paris stretched out in front of you, before a late night stagger for spicy junk food… Or lazy days dangling my legs off a bum-scorching pier catching crabs over shimmering sea…


So I came up with this: Delicate white crab spiked with chilli, bound with mayo. Rich deep brown crab mixed with yoghurt to make a raita. A sweet and sour chutney with fresh mango and grapefruit. And finally parsley and red onion for a touch of freshness and astringency. All loaded on to crunchy moreish poppadoms.


Summer 2016 – you’ve been hectic and fast, endless and unforgettable.

– white crab, chillies, lemon juice, salt
– brown crab, plain yoghurt, lemon juice, salt
– mango chutney, mango, grapefruit
– red onion, parsley, lemon juice
– poppadoms


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