Chocolate tart with honeycomb and sour cherries

My wife just turned forty. Time to celebrate. And not just because I’m now not the only one in our family in their forties.

When you’ve been together for as ages as we have, you’ve seen everything about each other. Every single lovely trait and vile habit. Every win and fail. Every hope and doubt. We’ve seen it, been through it and we still are.


We’ve loved and laughed and hated and argued. Oh my god we’ve argued. About absolutely everything. For things we have in common we’ve discovered at least as many to be completely at loggerheads about.

Sometimes in our knackered/stressed determination to disagree we’ve manipulated and concocted minisculy insignificant stuff to have a go at each other about.


Do you fancy some lunch?
No, I do not. I’ve already had something to eat and the last thing I want is some fucking lunch or someone stupid asking stupid shit like do you fancy some fucking lunch!!

So yeah it’s been hard sometimes. Really actually quite annoying. But that’s okay because underneath the daily get-through-it grind, it’s still amazing. 


Amazing and tiring and hectic and lovely with two very wonderful, demanding little boys to hang out with.

Thus I dedicate this ridiculous celebration of chocolate and sweets to the Birthday Girl. Only a sugar freak like you could think this was remotely a good idea.


– Filling: Cadburys Dairy Milk, dark chocolate, cream, creme fraiche, egg yolk, sea salt
– Topping: Cadburys Crunchie, sour cherries
– Base: Oreos, butter


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