Radish and runner bean som tam with pub snacks

I’m trying to cut out the carbs. I love love love carbs but when you look in the mirror and you realise your chins are on the verge of being visible from space, you have to act and act fast.


It won’t last long. I’m bound to crack and make myself like a big macaroni cheese and chips baguette or two deep pan pizzas on top of each other or something. But till then I’m going for it.


This means I’ve been consuming vast amounts of greens, veg and salad; green tea and coconut water; meat, mushrooms and tofu. Like some giant omnivorous hippy rabbit.

I canned the sugar/fake sugar a couple of weeks ago – no sweets, no choc, fizzy drinks, cake… It’s not been too bad. Just every now and then I feel an overwhelming urge to bathe in chilled coke zero.


Luckily there are many tasty things I’m still allowed. Like som tam – that incredibly punchy South East Asian dish of hot sweet sour salty flavours. Unusually it’s a salad where the dressing is more important than the main ingredient. Handy, as green papaya is tricky to get hold of. So I went for summery radishes and runner beans.

I smushed the whole lot together with a hot, deeply zingy dressing of pounded garlic, roasted brown shrimps, chillies, fish sauce, lime juice and brown sugar. Then topped with a final crunchy savoury topping of crushed pork scratchings and honey roasted peanuts.


Ingredients: radishes, runner beans, garlic, brown shrimp, chillies, fish sauce, lime juice, brown sugar, pork scratchings, peanuts



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