Instant barbecue chicken doner

Turning 40 is weird. My wife thinks I’m a miserable git. She’s right. I don’t want a cake or a party. Well I don’t mind parties, but not one where everyone’s there only because I was randomly born forty orbits of the sun ago. Why this is more significant than my 39th flyby is surely only down to the universal adoption of the decimal system.


But yeah I get it, it’s handy to have readily segmentable definable eras. During my thirties I became a homeowner, a teacher, a husband, father, blogger, homecook and writer of one personally meaningful and mediocre book. A chubby white-haired early-to-bed Ipad addict. Basically everything that my mixed-up carefree twenties wasn’t. So what will my forties bring?


Ok yes I’m a grump for not wanting a massive celebration. But honestly I celebrate almost every day. Every single night my family is happy and healthy and quietly tucked up in bed. Every day my five year-old son has a good day at school, or baby’s been chirpy. Every day at work when I achieve something close to genuine teaching and learning. Every time I whatsapp the meaning of nothing and everything with my closest friends. Every morning when I’ve had more than five hours sleep. And every evening when I’m ravenous and make myself something huge and tasty to eat. I whoop and cheer and fistpump and sing and raise a toast to the greatness of existence and give myself the bumps…


So I’m quite content to enjoy a quiet sozzly meal with the wife at the weekend, and as for the day itself I did this:

I turned three disposable barbecues on their side to recreate a kebab shop grill. To my skewered chicken thighs (marinated in olive oil, lemon, garlic, dried oregano) I added chilli sauce and garlic sauce and toasted some flatbread. Then served with an authentic kebab shop salad of onion, cucumber, red cabbage, lettuce, pickled chillies and bad tomatoes.


For reasons of health and safety, don’t try this at home. Actually go on, it was kinda fun and the end result was tasty. Don’t let the slight risk of disfiguring burns put you off..

– chicken thighs, olive oil, lemon, garlic, dried oregano

– chilli sauce, yoghurt, garlic, lemon
– onion, cucumber, red cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, lemon, pickled chillies
– flatbread



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