Braised beef, red wine gravy, blue cheese mash, microwave dumplings and chive rings

What a mess! This time last week everything was fairly alright. By Friday there was disbelief, panic, cheers, tears, resignations, currency collapse, political instability and before we knew it the course of British and European history had irrevocably changed.


That’s a pretty big outcome of a 52% vote. We’ve been reassured they’ll be no immediate loss of trade, connections, relations, ease of movement etc with our former partners. But nobody warned us that Farage’s gloaty face would dominate post-result coverage. If only we’d known, if only we’d known…


Then there was the backlash. Social media rage. Mainly from Scotland, Northern Ireland and England’s big cities – the last strongholds of seething europhiles. Facebook was awash with bitter remainers. Never has there been so much WTFing. It seems xenophobes and the over 60’s are to blame. If you’re old and racist then you really have a lot to answer for.

There was also the laughable re-referendum petition, which is a bit like when you lose at rock, paper, scissors and you’re like best of three?

Amidst all the finger pointing and soul-searching what’s emerged is a true picture of divided nation. Maybe it was obvious but it seems our country is a hotchpotch of disparate groups and individuals living side-by-side in endured harmony. We always suspected that Britishness meant very different things to different people. No one predicted the hassle and head-scratching this vote of profession would cause.

Anyway I wanted to do stewy beef. Hardly light but summer’s stalled and I’m yearning for comfort. 


A while ago I made cake in a microwave, so I figured that could work for dumplings. Even though it really isn’t the same thing. I also wanted a very loose mash potato, almost like a second sauce, with added funk via beef-friendly blue cheese.

Rich soothing comfort topped with the crunch of deep fried chive.

Ingredients: beef, red wine, butter, flour, milk, suet, potato, blue cheese, chives



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