Dog in the hole

If I was a murderous psychopath… no seriously a dangerous nutjob, or a martyrdom seeking extremist, or a gun-obsessed loon, or an angry depressive at my wits end wishing to inflict some serious damage on the world I hate, then I would hope to live in a country where I could go buy a big thing that rapidly fires loads of bullets without too many questions asked. That would be convenient right? It wouldn’t take much planning for the senseless, cowardly multiple murder I could commit. No seriously in most other countries a death spree like that would be impossible without months, maybe years of planning, and criminal contacts, and general slow-gestating evilness.

And yes others may happen to be carrying guns where I’m headed, and someone may even try and stop me, shoot me, kill me before the police arrive. But hey, by then I imagine I’d be so desperate and suicidal or mentally ill or brainwashed that I actually wouldn’t care. The ultimate act of malicious selfish cowardice. Devastating for those caught up. Shocking to the rest of the world. Without deterrent or meaningful consequence for the perpetrator. All made easy by the right to bear arms.

Genuinely, I’m so de-sensitised to bad news these days. An entire plane can drop out of the sky and I’ll carry on with my day as if nothing happened. But every time there’s a mass shooting in the US and a load of Americans continue to ignore/deny the obvious link between gun access and fatality, then my mind implodes with the gross stubbornness of it all.

And no it doesn’t mean I’ll temporarily change my profile picture or send out hollow self-servicing messages of condolences. It just means it’ll be one of those things I can’t quite get my head round.



Anyway on to matters ludicrously trivial in comparison. I made a hotdog/toad in the hole type thing with yorkshire pudding batter, Polish kielbasa sausage (from the best place to buy central European cured pork – my local Polski Sklep), onion, sauerkraut and yellow mustard.


As you can see it didn’t work out. The sausage came out dry, overcooked. The batter was eggy and flat. The sauerkraut wasn’t the best quality. Oh well, life is like that. I ate the whole thing.

Ingredients: Polish sausage, flour, milk, eggs, salt, onions, sauerkraut, yellow mustard



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