Chipsticks with moules dip and French Fries with camembert dip

This is crappy moules frites and cheesy fries. Euro 2016 host nation inspired beer snacks. Chips ‘n’ dips to celebrate weeks of wall-to-wall football.


Fond memories of England from recent tournaments are few and far between. It used to be different – no nation did hope and despair, heart over head football, honourable defeat better than us. Gazza crying, Pearce screaming, Owen darting, Beckham trying, everyone trying, trying their hearts out..


But somehow we lost our way. Sven and Fabio oversaw elimination with a whimper. Injuries, penalties, lack of confidence, loss of identity and general knackeredness to blame apparently. I will never forget journeying across London, stuck in traffic for three hours to get to a pub to watch nil-nil against Algeria. Al-frickin’-geria!


But this is the one. I feel it in my metatarsals. Hodgson has a technically strong young squad organised into an effective, motivated team. We’re gonna do it! No, not win the whole thing – don’t be silly. But earnest, nail-biting effort and glorious failure awaits. The nation awaits. My sofa awaits. Allez and bonne chance Roy’s boys!


Chipsticks, moules marinière, lemon, cream, 
French Fries, camembert, mayonnaise, olive oil, garlic, thyme


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