Spam rillettes

Is processed meat ever a good thing? Probably not I guess. Too many issues – suspect quality, intensive farming, badly raised livestock, commercialism over sustainability, health scares…


So I managed to can my corned beef cravings. I used to spoon that stuff straight out the tin, but I can’t remember the last time I wound that little metal key round one of those oblong containers.


And I’ve even gone off the Fray Bentos. Many a time I used to take my tin opener on a long spin round that large face-sized tinned pie. And every time I’d be impressed how crispy and puffed up the pastry top would come out of the oven. Even those days are gone.


But Spam! Can’t quite kick the habit. What is it about that salty, slightly gelatinous, mishmashed lump of no good pork? Maybe because it actually tastes, dare I say it, alright? Maybe I’ll grow out of it.


In the meantime I had a go at treating it like a proper lovely ingredient. Setting little chunks in pork stock jelly to make a rillettes, before serving with apple sauce, dijon mustard, pea puree, cress, radish and crispy toast.


Ingredients: spam, pork stock, gelatin, apple sauce, mustard, peas, cress, radish, bread


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