Crispy lasagne with cheesy garlic bread sauce

I’ve been watching Chef’s Table on Netflix. It’s a bit slow. The slow pan across a Michelin Star kitchen. The slow narrative of a chef’s journey to greatness. The slowmo montage of plating incredible looking food. The slow slowness of slowly contemplating fine dining and art and planet Earth and the meaning of life.. all without a hint of awareness of the pretentiousness of it all.


Great production values – food porn taken to new heights. But ultimately it’s as boring as it is awe-inspiring.


To be honest I much prefer the booze-fuelled fast edit of Chef’s Night Out on Munchies.

Anyway the season one opener with Massimo Bottura is good. The dude’s a genius. And less up his own derriere than some of the others. He does a crispy lasagne dish because that’s always the best bit of the lasagne. He’s spot on – it’s those burnt crispy salty savoury edge-of-the-oven-dish bits of lasagne or shepherd’s or fish pie that everyone loves.


I’m guessing his version doesn’t use shop-bought pasta sheets and garlic bread sauce (whizzed up garlic bread with milk, mascapone and parmesan) and a pouch of carrot baby puree.


I softened the lasagne in beef stock before roasting with passata, olive oil, parmesan and a soffrito of onion, celery and Ella’s Kitchen.


Mmmm crunchy!

Ingredients: lasagne sheets, beef stock, passata, olive oil, carrot puree, onion, celery, garlic bread, milk, mascapone, parmesan


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