Watermelon margarita with feta rim

Came across this little beauty. My favourite fruit. Big, sweet and refreshing. Perfect chilled on a warmish cusp of summer day.


Watermelon used to be a family fave. Intuitively my mum would assess their ripeness. Then lug the chosen one home and wedge it in the fridge. It would be split in half and we’d wait keenly as the bright flesh was scored to the rind, ready to be stabbed at with forks.


I have no idea what a watermelon plant looks like but its reproduction strategy has to be admired. If you relied on animals for seed dispersion, then why not surround your precious seeds in a mass of sweet luscious flesh. Dot them around in there so obliging mammals are bound to ingest a few. Cunning.


So what better way to celebrate the good-timesyiness of this great fruit than stick a load of booze with it? Margarita style. Muddled with lime and sugar, shaken with ice, feta replacing salt as the rim. 


I can’t precisely remember when tequila went from a means to a messy end, to something I actually enjoy drinking. All I know is it tastes nice – clean, not sickly sweet, not as painful as whisky or brandy.


If you’re on a mission line these up whilst watching Jamie Oliver and drink every time he says the word ‘gnarly’. You’ll be shitfaced within minutes!


Ingredients: watermelon, tequila, lime, sugar, feta, ice


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