Roast pork, baby kale kimchi and broccoli stalk bibimbap


This dish is all about leftovers. And kimchi. Oh kimchi, oh spicy stinky sharp funky kimchi – I love you.


Bibimbap means mixed rice in Korean. It’s a whatever you’ve got hanging round type dish. Like bubble and squeak or hash. Veg crunch works. Pickly kimchi has to happen. Sweet, hot, smoky gochujang is a must. Egg yolk for richness wouldn’t hurt. Then you mash the whole thing together into one big spicy ricey comforting mess.


My mum used to do fried courgettes and beansprouts and stuff. I went for leftover roast pork, crispy crackling, broccoli stalk (nicer than the florets in my view) and baby kale out of a salad pack microwaved in some leftover kimchi juice. I finished with gochujang and kimchi apple sauce. Let the bibim-ing begin!


Ingredients: sticky rice, roast pork, broccoli stalk, baby kale, kimchi juice, apple sauce


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