Asparagus bhaji with curried hollandaise, raisin puree, toasted almonds and chilli chutney


Seasonality is like The Shawshank Redemption – a bit overrated in my view. There I’ve said it. Foodies of the world recoil in horror. Generally I don’t care too much when or where my food was grown, picked, raised, slaughtered. I wish I did. I know all food lovers are supposed to. But I’m a greedy hypocrite and I’ll eat anything, anywhere at any time. The Gods of Provenance may send me straight to hell, but get over it Jersey.. they’re just potatoes.


And hey if I want to eat blueberries or Asian pears that have travelled half way round the world with the carbon footprint of a walking redwood tree, then that’s my evolved right.


That said the one thing you might as well have only nowish every year is asparagus. Unless you want to eat that stringy dry stuff from Peru in mid-December.


The good stuff is pretty special. British, chunky and flavourful. Fat spears of greenness. Distinct and delicate. Only an idiot would take such a great ingredient and batter, spice ‘n’ deep fry it. Yep that’s me.


So I used gram flour, salt, pepper and water to make a claggy bhaji batter.


Then I mixed curry powder and lemon juice with hollandaise. And dolloped on raisin puree for extra tang, along with flaked almonds and chilli chutney for an extra kick. Seriously seasonal!


Ingredients: asparagus, gram flour, water, salt, pepper, curry powder, hollandaise, lemon, raisins, almonds, chilli chutney



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