Black cherry and dark chocolate trifle

img_1178If you were to make a trifle completely from scratch, blimey that would literally take almost the rest of your life. Unfortunately not even craving the comforting sugar-kick of all those soft layers warrants baking sponge, making jam/fruit compote, setting jelly, making custard, whipping cream…



And yet shop-bought trifle somehow is a disappointing bleurgh. Bit mushy with non-distinct layers – the sad inevitability of anything packed in plastic and plonked on a cold supermarket shelf.


So this speedy assembly job uses good quality shop bought stuff to feign a degree of homemade freshness. A truly triumphant trifle!


Ingredients: cherries, cherry jelly cubes, cherry jam, chocolate sauce, sponge, custard, clotted cream, dark chocolate




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