Tuna tartare niçoise

Have you ever stared at the sandwich shelf for hours? Wishing, praying for something to leap out so you go bounding off to lunch with an urgent stride and quiet smile. No? Well this is my daily ordeal.


Ham and cheese? Egg mayo? Tuna mayo and cucumber? Big yawn.


Why can’t I work near some big amazing food place and eat big hunks of cheese one day, rotisserie chicken the next. Fresh bowls of pasta maybe. Interesting salads, hot brothy noodles, nice breads, spicy things…


Maybe one day I’ll open up my own big amazing food place and call it Big Amazing Food Place. And sit there all day eating interesting lunches.


The other week I went for a tuna niçoise baguette. It was…alright. Bit dry. Bit boring. Bit pricey.


So I made this tartare-d up version with olive oil and lemon dressed tuna mixed with blanched green beans. Then scattered with black olive and anchovy panko crumbs, more of the dressing and a wobbly boiled egg.


Ingredients: tuna, egg, green beans, black olives, anchovy, breadcrumbs, olive oil, lemon, salt



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