Sweetcorn butter-kissed popcorn

Poshcorn is all the rage. All sorts of flavours have hit the shops kitted out in all kinds of fancy packaging. It’s become so big in recent years, Marcus Wareing even had a whole chapter devoted to it in one of his books. Mr Wareing you are the daddy, but really??


I’ve never really been a huge bucket of popcorn at the cinema type person. Too distracting. Too many bites of exactly the same thing.


But hey, how about popcorn that tastes like… corn? And butter obviously. And salt of course.


So I mashed down some corn on the cob and mixed together with soft butter, salt and sugar. Then stirred in some popping corn and placed in my microwave covered with cling film, and waited… and waited…  until pop, bang, pop pop POP BANG! Each fluffly former kernel now an edible mini-explosion. A perfect representation of the universe micro-seconds after the Big Bang… maybe.


Ingredients: popping corn, sweetcorn, salt, sugar, butter



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