Roasted aubergine with feta, greek yoghurt, garlic, mint oil and sesame snaps

Aubergines are weird. Ever nibbled at a raw one? It’s pretty much the worst thing you’ll ever decide to do. How can something that feels and tastes like floral foam become so silky and aromatic, deeply interesting when cooked?


I imagine many millennia ago our hunter gatherer forefathers stepping out on a peckish forage, drawn to this big…fruit(?) by its alluring dark shininess. Then flinging them away in disgusted rage. Until one landed by happy accident in a fire one day… The rest is prehistory.


Well I went for baba ganoush-y flavours for this warm salad. Roasting my olive oil drizzled, salt and sugar seasoned aubergines along with garlic. Before serving with crumbled feta for salty tang. Mint infused oil for fragrance. Greek yoghurt for creaminess. And bashed sesame snaps for a crunchy tahini hit. A final squeeze of lemon juice finished the job.


Ingredients: aubergine, feta, mint, olive oil, salt, sugar, garlic, yoghurt, sesame snaps, lemon



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