Black pudding and cherry hobnobs with dark chocolate sauce

Pigs’ blood. You either love it or get grossed out by it.


I’d say there’s a big difference between the bland black pudding that hangs out in most supermarkets and greasy spoons (made from dried powdered blood), and the really fresh stuff collected straight from slaughter which is rich and interesting and intense and deeply satisfying and seriously good.


I once got served a dish of five thick rounds of soft, wobbly blood sausage at a rustic eatery in San Sebastian. Luckily my wife wasn’t keen so I wolfed down the lot with several glasses of local cheap fizzy cider.


Then the other day I ordered black pudding with my breakfast and it must have been hanging out in the oven for at least a day or something, because it was dry and brick hard like a biscuit. A black blood puck.


I remembered in Italy there’s a chocolate pudding called sanguinaccio. Like hot chocolate thickened (and made yummier) with pigs’ blood.


So clearly the thing to do was make hobnobs flavoured with black pudding, bulked out with a few oats, sharpened with dried cherries and served with a dipping sauce of thick dark chocolate. Bloody tasty..


Ingredients: black pudding, dried cherries, oats, self-raising flour, butter, milk, sugar, golden syrup, baking powder, dark chocolate, cream



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