Ham and pineapple fondue


Cheese and pineapple. Cheese and pineapple. Cheese? And pineapple??


Makes about as much sense as edam with peach, or cheddar with grapefruit. But my wife is a fan of hawaiian pizza – years of eating her leftovers have chipped away at me.


So I thought I’d carry out the ultimate test of the pineapple and cheese combo. Two words – fon…due. Ok so that’s one. One that reeks of kitsch novelty. One that normally means boring hunks of bread dunked into a sea of hot cheese.


Instead I tried the following ham and/or pineapple items: ham toastie, parma ham and pineapple, hawaiian foccacia, caramelised pineapple. All handy for dipping into my communal cheese pot – made by heating grated cheddar, cornflour and a splash of white wine.


Verdict: liquid cheese and pineapple – a perfect match, never doubted it! Next week: gouda and mango.


Ingredients: ham, pineapple, bread, butter, sugar, cheese, cornflour, white wine



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