Microwave espresso cake with salted cadburys caramel, vanilla latte cream and amaretti crumbs


I am an addict. Every so often my addiction compels me to score some good shit from my dealer. My local high street sugar and caffeine dealer that is… Caffe Nero, Costa, Starbucks etc.


A nice coffee is a great thing. That immense flavour – sweet and bitter, complex and interesting, rich and roasty, a little treat and a pick-me-up. Many a hard slog of a work day or a fuzzy morning with the kids has been re-enthused by a timely cup of coffee bean juice.


So here’s my coffee tribute dessert. Using the microwave massively slashes cooking time. It literally takes no time at all. Ok maybe two minutes. So almost literally as opposed to literally literally.


I started off by making a basic sponge mix – creaming butter and sugar till light and whippy, beating in eggs, folding in self-raising flour till thick and claggy, before loosening with cooled sweetened espresso. I ‘baked’ in a cup in the microwave and out popped a soft sponge.


I placed on the plate with microwave melted Cadbury’s Caramel sprinkled with sea salt, vanilla cream whipped with latte and crumbled amaretti biscuits.


A fun and pleasingly grown-up pud!


Ingredients: coffee, butter, sugar, eggs, self-raising flour, cadburys caramel, sea salt, vanilla cream, amaretti biscuits


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