Five spice eggy bread with duck and cherries

Met a friend for brunch the other day. A typical parents and babies gig – chatted about this and that, hit the caffeine hard, tried to stay calm whilst those under the age of one teetered between being cute and grizzlyness. Wanged and rocked, cuddled and jiggled, wolfed down food while they napped.

We were in one of those pubs that you’d never actually go drinking in, but is somehow baby and business lunch friendly at the same time.


My French toast was nice. I wished I’d had some fresh fruit with it. Berries, maybe cherries. Cherries led to duck. So I made this savoury version.


I wanted the toast to be star of the show – eggy, soft and rich, sweet, mildly spiced and caramelised. With thin slices of well-seasoned duck and sweet, sharp cherries.


So I pan-fried my duck breast basting with the rendered out fat every so often.


I set aside to rest, poured out the fat and added cherries to the same pan, before deglazing with a splash of water and stirring in butter and lemon juice.


Finally the French toast – on many a breakfast/brunch menu and always called that rather than eggy bread. Like eggy bread isn’t grown up or fancy enough. Well sod that, I’m calling mine eggy bread. Because it ain’t toast that’s French, and it definitely is bread that’s eggy. And no it really isn’t pain that’s perdu either.

I used thick slices of walnut bread dunked in an eggy, milky, five spice, sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon bath. Then fried in some of the reserved duck fat and butter.


The whole thing was finished with a squeeze of honey. Not really brunch, but…wait for it.. a quacking lunch!


Ingredients: bread, eggs, milk, five spice, sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, butter, duck, salt, cherries, lemon, honey




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