Cheddar crisp with cream cracker puree and Branston pickle

This is cheese, pickle and crackers. As simple as that. Except the cheese is the cracker, and the cracker is the cheese. Fortunately the pickle is still the pickle.


Let me explain: I was making myself cheese on toast and as usual greed got the better of me. I got carried away with the cheese. I over-cheesed. Too much of a gouda thing. Might have brie-n more careful.


It could have comte nothing but the resulting cheddar spillage during grilling cooled into a tuile-like cheese crisp. Result! So I made some more.


Then naturally I wanted Jacob’s cream crackers to go with it. In puree form. Made like a thick white sauce replacing flour with cracker crumbs.


Finally I topped with Branston pickle to cut through the crispy creamy richness. Just goes to show – greed is good.


Ingredients: cheddar, cream crackers, butter, milk, pickle


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