Italian style corn dog with parmesan mustard and porcini ketchup

It’s freezing out there. Damn chilly. And snow has a bit fallen, coating most things like a welcome dusting of icing sugar.


Obviously NOT the time to be thinking about street food. But I had a sausage on a stick craving. Covered in nice thick stodgy batter – none of your light tempura type nonsense here.


I have a hazy memory of eating corn dogs as a young boy in Seoul. Maybe off a street food cart. Maybe with ketchup. Maybe munched around the backstreets and alleys of our little suburb, which long ago was demolished to make way for the huge apartment blocks of modern-day Seoul. Maybe a culinary remnant from US involvement in the Korean War.


Maybe it was just a dream? Nonetheless corn dogs aren’t something I can just nip out for, so I had to give it a go.


So I made up a thick batter using fine cornmeal or polenta, eggs, milk and salt. I skinned some Italian sausages and skewered them on to chopsticks. I coated these in the batter and fried in hot oil before finishing off in the oven (not needed if using ready-to-eat frankfurters).


I made two sauces: Parmesan mustard – a basic white sauce with lots of yellow mustard and grated parmesan. And porcini ketchup – reconstituted dried porcini mushrooms blitzed up with balsamic vinegar.


Perfect to carry round outside in the blasting cold whilst your son builds a snowdroid R2-D2.


– sausages, cornmeal, eggs, milk, salt
– parmesan, yellow mustard, flour, butter, milk, salt
– dried porcini, balsamic




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