Aubergine and shiitake misotto (miso risotto)


Ok I must stop eating. Having averaged several thousand calories a day since Christmas Eve, enough is enough. No more chocolate, no seasonal snacking, no more innocent ingredients smothered in goose fat.


I’m in need of healthy, non-animal based nourishment. If I had to be vegetarian, I wouldn’t meat sweat it. I’d live on mushrooms, aubergines, greens, avocados, tofu, curries, noodle soups…


Mushrooms and aubergines are particular faves – I would happily eat them every day till the cows come home (unharmed from the abattoir). They lend themselves to Far Eastern dishes, so obviously I put them together into a risotto along with miso, which everyone knows is one of the healthiest yummiest things ever invented.


There are three key procedures to making a good risotto:
1. Tostatura – sautéing of the rice with sweated onions (and in this case chilli flakes and garlic) before any wine/stock (dried shiitake juice) goes in. The pan should be dry and rice should crackle on the heat to create a roasty toastiness.
2. Constant stirring – to agitate the grains so starch is released and creaminess occurs as they slowly plump up on stock.
3. Mantecatura – stirring in butter at the end of cooking off the heat to make everything just a bit better than it was previously.


Between steps 2 and 3 I stirred in miso paste, scooped out flesh from roasted aubergines brushed with oil and seasoned with soy and sugar, and chopped up shiitakes from the mushroom stock.


Happy New Year and thanks for reading!


Ingredients: risotto or sushi rice, aubergines, dried shiitakes, miso, onion, garlic, chilli flakes, soy, sugar, white wine, butter


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