Breadless BLT

Today we had brunch guests. Local mates who deserved a thank you meal for being consistently friend-like and supportive, especially since our new arrival. And who, along with my wife, have been doing all sorts of good stuff for the local community recently.


Thanks to Boho Boxmoor our village now has our own big fat Christmas tree which locals welcomed the other week with song, mince pies and general huddled conviviality.


So I put together this BLT salad just for them…


On the plate I placed maple syrup glazed bacon, crispy bacon bits, frazzle crumbs, oven dried and blowtorched tomatoes, charred cos lettuce, balsamic reduction and a lettuce emulsion (iceberg whizzed up with mayo and mustard).


Ingredients: streaky bacon, cos lettuce, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, maple syrup, frazzles, balsamic, mayonnaise, mustard



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