Christmas pudding ‘hotdog’ in a yum yum bun with bramley apple ‘sauerkraut’ and brandy custard ‘mustard’

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get Christmas pudding doughnuts filled with brandy custard and dusted with cinnamon sugar?

I very nearly went down the road of making my own doughnut. Honestly it was touch and go. I looked up Paul Hollywood’s doughnut recipe. Psyched myself up, gripped by an unflinching belief that doughnuts are only really worth eating fresh out of the fryer. Their magic is ephemeral and easily lost, like fairy dust on a swirly day. Every Krispy Kreme I’ve ever had has let me down with its sugary staleness.


The idea was to stir chunks of Xmas pudding into the batter before frying. Then inevitably I had a who-are-you-kidding moment and ending up with my usual mash-up of shop bought stuff.


I used greaseproof paper to roll Christmas pudding into a frankfurter. I split a yum yum in half to use as the bun. My sweet bun and frank needed finely chopped bramley apple, to act as sauerkraut. And finally a squeeze of brandy custard for mustard.


Silly, utterly unnecessary and kinda tasty!



Ingredients: Christmas pudding, yum yum, bramley apple, brandy custard



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