Turkey and stuffing roll


The traditional turkey dinner is a marvellous thing. But the funny thing is.. nobody’s fave bit is the big gobbly bird itself.


Pigs in blankets – everyone loves those. Roast potatoes – as I’ve said before, if they’re not right I turn into one seriously grumpy elf. The stuffing – yes that’s a bit herby, spicy and sausagey, we like that. The turkey, well the turkey itself is a bit of a turkey so it seems.


This astonishing revelation is backed up by recent research findings – a special survey commissioned and carried out by the Flavourcrave Institute.. i.e. me. In my extensive search for the truth I must have asked at least seven people I know and not a single soul plumped for the turkey.


The study concludes that these are sad, flightless birds fattened in their millions, only to be under-appreciated on the big day. Sadly outshone by more flavourful platemates.


All of this nonsense came from wanting to create a festive sausage roll and wondering whether to do away with the turkey altogether. Well, you’ll be pleased to know the bird stayed – padding out all the other flavours in its uniquely bland and slightly dry way.


So on to a bed of seasoned turkey mince, I rolled out a log of sausage meat mixed with chopped walnuts, dried apricots, smoked bacon, caramelised onions, lemon zest, breadcrumbs, sage, nutmeg, allspice and black pepper.


I wrapped this up in a coat of hot water crust pastry – could have used shop bought puff, but I wanted to feel that easy warm squidgy dough in my hands. And I wanted to bite into homemade lardy rich crumbliness.

Finally I washed with egg before placing in a hot-ish oven.


Ingredients: turkey mince, sausage meat, bacon, walnuts, dried apricots, onion, lemon, breadcrumbs, sage, nutmeg, allspice, black pepper, flour, lard, butter, egg



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