Panettone, chocolate and cranberry arctic roll

Come on let’s not be scroogy. That festive tradition/religious celebration turned all-conquering capitalist spendfest called Christmas is nearly upon us.


Holidays, gifts, get-togethers, excessive drinking and eating, sparkly twinkly dangly things and a general sense of mid-winter chirpiness are on their way. Jesus Christ let’s do this thing!


For my part I fully intend to post fun and silly Christmassy food for at least the next month. Starting with this arctic roll. It ticks all the festive boxes – there’s dried fruit in it, it’s indulgent, chocolately and it’s log-shaped.


I’m not big on cake and biscuits, but panettone I like. Rich yet not overly sweet. Light from being cooled upside-down with an interesting chewy, bread-like texture. Rivals don’t cut it: Christmas cake – you might as well eat a brick scattered with raisins. Stollen – there’s just a bit too much going on. No, it’s panettone all the way for me.


So I laid out thin slices of the stuff with cranberry sauce. I placed a log of chocolate ice cream on top and rolled inside greaseproof paper.


I allowed to firm up in the freezer before dusting with icing sugar and topping with more cranberry sauce. I’ve been very good Santa.

Ingredients: panettone, chocolate ice cream, cranberry sauce, icing sugar






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