Mexican breakfast frittata

Sometimes when I’m feeling delicate the morning after the night before, I go to a greasy spoon, hide my hurting head in a newspaper and consume several thousand calories in the form of a fried breakfast and a cup of weakarse tea with five sugars.


At school we used to abscond from time to time and head to BHS or Littlewoods cafe where an eight item breakfast would cost you a quid. One English pound for a little plateful of greasy foodstuffs of dubious provenance. Hit the spot every time!

Essential English breakfast items are subject to fierce debate. I’m easy. Anything and everything’s fine by me. But please, no grilled tomatoes. Only because the tomatoes are always of the insipid, unripe, Dutch polytunnel variety. And surprisingly enough grilling for a few seconds doesn’t magically improve things. I once got half a completely raw tomato sprinkled with dried oregano. Why. Would. You. Do. That??


Unfortunately a fry-up is everything we’re told to avoid – saturated fat, processed meats, salt, sugar and empty carbs. So in the quest to find a fresher, healthier yet no less substantial alternative I turned to huevos rancheros for inspiration.


I sweated onions and garlic in a non-stick pan before adding the beaten, seasoned eggs. I swirled this mixture on the heat into a panscape of undulating, silky ribbons. Off the heat I added chopped tomato, green chillies, chunks of avocado and dollops of cottage cheese (or anything young and milky like ricotta or queso fresco) and refried beans.

I cracked a final egg over the top along with grated smoked cheddar before placing in a hot oven until slightly bronzed and puffy. A final drizzle of hot sauce finished the job. Would go well with some bacon and a big hunk of black pudding…a sausage or two…piece of fried bread..


Ingredients: eggs, onion, garlic, tomatoes, jalapenos, avocado, refried beans, cottage cheese, smoked cheddar, hot sauce



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