Pork belly buns with bramley apple and fennel slaw

This is a tale of pork sandwich envy. The other day I saw this guy sitting under a tree with a baguette roll stuffed with about a hundred and fifty rashers of bacon. Brown sauce dribbled over the wrapper and as he chomped he gave a nonchalant, approving nod.

I wanted to be him. He was eating hot salty crispy pork and he didn’t have a pushchair that squawking sounds would emanate from if a steady smooth pace wasn’t maintained. It’s like I’m in my own version of that Keanu Reeves bomb-on-a-bus movie. Slow down to look at something over here – BOOM! Stop to order a hot pork snack – BANG!

From that moment forth I vowed to make my own big meaty sandwich. So if I ever saw that guy again I could go up to him and say, ‘Hey, you don’t know me but trust me, my pork sandwich was tastier than yours, you babyless git!’ Or something.

Fancy crusty bakery bread that grates the top of the mouth ain’t the thing. I used the whitest of processed bleached sliced white. And so soft it was that anything but the gentlest spreading risked squashing and tearing.


So on lightly buttered slices I squeezed bbq sauce, a sprinkling of cheese, slow roasted pork belly slices and a salad of bramley apple, fennel and chilli dressed with apple sauce.

Finally I dipped one end in more apple sauce before sprinkling over pork scratching crumbs. Just for the hell of it.


Ingredients: pork belly, bread, bramley apple, fennel, chilli, cheese, butter, bbq sauce, apple sauce, pork scratchings



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