Chocolate, pistachio and salted caramel ice cream sandwich

IMG_9843 IMG_9845

I haven’t got a big sweet tooth but sometimes you just need chocolate. A big bit covered in sweet crunchy things and sloppy stuff. Somebody at work introduced me to Kallo Chocolate Rice Cake Thins and the world of boring healthy snacks will never be the same again. Suddenly I had an important short term life goal – to smother a perfectly dull and wholesome foodstuff with ridiculous amounts of sugar and fat and general proper goodness just to annoy it.

Then the other day my son’s heart sank upon realising the local shop had sold out of Smarties Ice Creams. In panic I grabbed at something else, anything to prevent a possible sulk. And deep down in a neglected misty corner of the freezer cabinet, far down below the Bubble Gum Calippos and Mint Cornettos, I stumbled upon an Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich. Cookies plus ice cream – it didn’t need much selling.


So my version had to have Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Dark chocolate simply won’t cut it. Let’s not kid ourselves, I’m not interesting in high cacao percentages, health benefits or fair trade credentials. Milk choc kicks dark choc arse. In fact I don’t even think dark chocolate should even be called chocolate. Let’s rename it ‘dark matter’, as in there’s loads of it around but nobody really knows why. I just want the smoothest, richest milk chocolate not much money can buy. And I want to pair it with the some truly great ice cream – Haagen Dazs Salted Caramel’ll do nicely.

Don’t worry, the initial airy healthy bite of rice cake and pistachio gives way to serious layers of rich chocolate and cold, creamy indulgence. Happy weekend!


Ingredients: milk chocolate, rice cakes, pistachios, salted caramel ice cream


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