Mexican beer cheese and lime foam tortilla chip dip

Baby’s looking chubby. New routines are establishing themselves. Life is settling down again. Time for a cheeky school night beer.

So what are the world’s best beer and food combos? Deep, sweet Guinness and freshly shucked oysters? Clean, cold Estrella and randomly hot padron peppers? Smooth Budweiser and crunchy salted pretzels? Pint of real ale and a packet of pork scratchings?

Not that I’ve been there but in Kentucky there’s a thing called beer cheese, which sounds like sustenance invented by a bunch of college students. But I tried it and surprisingly enough it tasted of beer and it tasted of cheese. Worse things to dip your crispy snacks into there are.


So I made a version for tortilla chips using Mexican beer. I blitzed up the beer with strong cheddar, cream cheese, avocado, garlic, tabasco, sugar and sea salt until thick and creamy. This mixture sat in the fridge for a few hours to come together as one thing, rather than tasting of lots of very small blitzed up things. Finally I topped with blended sour cream, lime juice, sugar, salt and zest to create a foamy head.



Ingredients: Mexican beer, mature cheddar, cream cheese, avocado, garlic, tabasco, salt, sugar, sour cream, lime



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