Bacon, jalapeño and maple syrup iced bun


A very lovely but demanding small person has been added to the family. Life has once again becomes a series of stolen sleeps and interrupted snoozes. Adrenaline has crashed through me like a breaking wave. All remaining energy is being chanelled into one pot labelled: Just get through the day (and night) preferably without being puked on.

Cooking’s taken a knock down the order of priorities. I want food that’s simple, fun and ridiculous to match the extremes of joy and drudgery. So thinking along the lines of savoury doughnut, in my emotional, sleep-deprived state I did something unreasonable to a humble iced bun.


I drizzled it with maple syrup before contrasting its candy sweetness with finely chopped crispy bacon and fiery, sharp pickled jalapeños. This one’s for you son number two!


Ingredients: iced bun, bacon, pickled jalapeños, maple syrup



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