Crispy bbq pork ribs, sweet and sour sauce, dried pineapple, red pepper, chives

Great films are subjective. Of course they are. According to Oscar, Kramer vs Kramer was better than Apocalypse Now. Loads of people love Shawshank which for me was like a half decent TV movie. Some people stubbornly maintain the greatest of all time is Citizen Kane.


I think cinema is perhaps the greatest form of entertainment/art humans have ever invented. Even better than cave paintings. Or music. Or augmented reality apps.


Personally I think Blade Runner must be up there. Because it’s a grimy low key film noir detective story with spectacular and grimy visuals and a grimy low key ending, which in its quietly unspectacular crescendo reveals itself to be a spectacularly profound life examining thing.

The original makes me feel nearly every emotion worth feeling somehow. And the sequel? Yes it’s alright. But like all sequels it tries too hard to do too much.


Anyway the recent Olympics made me think about Korea, which made me think about food. I used to think Japanese was my favourite Asian food. So clean and umami-y. Then I realised I hardly really ever eat the stuff, apart from the occasional sushi splurge. I’m not sure instant ramen counts. Most of the time I’m scoffing Korean and Chinese food. Big bowls of spicy, msg drenched noodles or rice. And stuff like Tangsuyuk. No, that’s not a Star Wars villain. Tangsuyuk is the Korean version of crispy battered protein in radioactively orange sweet and sour sauce.


This was not the time for wussy tempura. A big thick calorific blanket of dense crunchy batter was needed. According to MaangchiĀ an authentically knobbly Korean crust can be achieved by mixing water with potato or rice flour, letting the flour settle to the bottom, pouring off the water on top to leave a thick white sediment into which egg white is stirred.


The ribs were shop-bought pre-slowcooked bbq. The sauce was heated and pureed ketchup, dried apricots, dried pineapple, malt vinegar, sugar, water and msg.


Kind of a bit like Mummy used to make.

– bbq pork ribs
– rice flour, water, egg white
– ketchup, dried apricots, dried pineapple, vinegar, sugar, msg, water
– chives, dried pineapple, red pepper