Peaches in tea syrup, tinned peach and lime puree, mint ice cream, salted macadamia praline


We are all seriously honed. Everyone. Every creature in fact. Every mite, plant, orangutan. Every cave diver and billionaire entrepreneur. Every puppet master, porn star and president. All the result of billions of years of adapting.


It’s not a wondrous thing, I mean the whole thing’s taken long enough. We are where we are. A world in spacetime full of intricate natural design, ‘success’ and mental illness, over-population and irreconcilable differences.


I wonder what scrapes the millions of my ancestors went though. There must have many hairy moments that could have led to my non-existence. Who from my family tree first walked on two feet? Controlled fire, rode wheels, found God, disputed God, reached into that tree for that ripe summer fruit which would become known as a peach… that must have been a good moment.


Still nowadays they’re a treat. To be eaten as they are, or paired with restrained amounts of friendly flavours and textures, like tea and mint, sweet, salt, acidity, and nutty crunch. Peachy.

Ingredients: peaches, tea bag, tinned peaches in syrup, lime, mint, vanilla ice cream, macadamia nuts, sugar, sea salt, water